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Here we will provide hints, tips and the latest news to help you increase your transition to and mastery of OUTCOMES evaluation.

We launch this post with the three key things to know about OUTCOME evaluation

OUTCOME EVALUATION provides evidence for the changes that occur for clients and how the program or service has played a role in causing the change. In other words, it answers the question: “What difference is our program or service making for clients?”

It is becoming critical for service providers to be able to demonstrate client outcomes to their stakeholders, including current and potential clients, funders, partners and the broader community.

Organisation that evidence their client outcomes become stronger, because OUTCOMES evidence enables them to reflect on how they can do things better for continual improvement.


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build your MODEL

Starts November 9, 2020

6 weeks (plus 2 bonus weeks)

Using your own project, we will support you in building a solid TOC evaluation model using story, mental models and research literature.

You will learn how to use the TOC as a key communication tool and a sound and adaptable foundation for evaluation. learning and planning.

Take your TOC model further. Be guided in critiquing the TOC for increased rigor and use.

Learn the basics of systems thinking (minus the jargon) to advance your TOC model to incorporate complexity. Gain skills to communicate it simply and effectively to stakeholders.

Starts January 19, 2021

Toc - advance your model and skills

6 weeks (plus 2 bonus weeks)

Increase the potency of your written communication and make sure findings, recommendations and directions are applied.

Learn key skills in communicating for use, using less words to say more and increasing the power of your messaging. Discover tips, tricks and software for greater improvements with less effort

Starts November 16, 2020

making it stick - writing for use

6 weeks (plus 2 bonus weeks)

Digital Communication


6 weeks (plus 2 bonus weeks)

Be innovative in your evaluation communication - partner your evaluation reporting with digital communication to produce a memorable and engaging message.


You will gain the core skills to plan and develop a digital evaluation report, including storyboarding, digital script writing and filming.


Week 3

Research Literature 1 - Using it to build TOC


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Week 1

Practical Introduction to TOC


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Mental Models and Stakeholders


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