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Capacity-building for teams

Join us and our experienced team to master evaluation and reporting skills and build the evaluation capacity of your team.

Tailored packages for evaluation, methods and reporting

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Build a strong team with our agile and tailored packages, and get your work done as you train. We partner with you to build evaluation and reporting collateral to transform the way you work.


Do you need to develop an evaluation framework or plan for your projects, programs or service delivery? Do you want to change team reports into engaging visual documents that communicate impactfully? Are you looking to implement a survey or interview method as an evidence base of the difference you make? We can create the best package for you.

We invite you to partner with us to create a package that builds the capability of your team and achieves instant results.

Mix and match the training packages to suit your organisation.

pathway to evaluation

In this 90 second video learn about how the pathway to evaluation will not only build outcome evidence capability but will also strengthen your teams, programs and organisation

NEWSFLASH - Five topic streams are now available (Nov '23)

How do the capacity-building packages work?



identify your goals and choose the ingredients for your package


we support your progress (flexibly)as you learn, using easy online platforms


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achieve your milestones whilst increasing your team's evaluation capacity


The four ingredients

1. Team workshops

  • Online or face-to-face.

  • Full and half-day packages.

  • Your team progresses project work in the activities.
  • The team activities link to templates that build your collateral (e.g. Your evaluation framework or report template).

  • Training is adjusted to suit  team member skills and experiences.

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2. Leader training and coaching

  • We work with in-house facilitators, taking your team skills even further.

  • Facilitator kits are available to support you training your team.

  • Flexible one-on-one online leader coaching.

  • We can provide coaching from beginner to advanced level

  • Join our economical group coaching (casual or annual available).


3. Cards, posters and games

  • Unique visual tools will engage and embed the learning into continued practice

  • Each of the five capacity-building streams includes DIY visual kits.

  • Use the kits to train other teams in your organisation.

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4. Checklists and templates

  • PDF fillable and online checklists   ensure you consider all aspects and help you identify actions.

  • Engaging templates enable you to directly apply learnings.

  • Using the checklists and templates again will consolidate good practice for your team.


How it goes together so you achieve results


We use a shared online platform to progress learning and project evaluation collateral

An visual online framework takes you step-by-step from learning to application to evaluation products and collateral.

Everything is documented in one place for your team so nothing is missed by anyone!

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You are supported in achieving milestones and quality products you can use again

Product templates (e.g. Evaluation Plan) and coaching will support you in reaching your milestones.
Our team can tailor engaging visual templates that you can continue to use to transform your practice.

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Ways you can use workshops to build evaluation collateral

Workshops and facilitator training can be combined to build the evaluation capacity of your team and to create evaluation products.

This matrix shows some of the ways this can be done.

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Are you ready for it?

Our team capacity building packages are ideal if you:

  • Want to improve the service you provide and the difference you make

  • Want to rapidly increase your evaluation knowledge and skills by being coached in facilitating a package
  • And your team is ready to come together to progress evaluation and reporting milestones.

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With resources and training perfectly tailored to meet our agency’s changing needs and differing levels of experience, Visual Insights played a pivotal role in helping us build our in-house evaluation capacity. Dr Samantha Abbato is an amazing trainer who has effectively used storytelling, cartoons, checklists, and a range of other great digital and hard copy resources to clearly explain key evaluation concepts. We have come away with a comprehensive set of training resources, checklists, evaluation planning and reporting tools and templates that are ready to go. Being able to work on real evaluation projects as part of the training has meant that we were able to get critical evaluation work done whilst building our knowledge, skills, and confidence. Ongoing evaluation mentoring has enabled us to confidently continue with this work long after the training sessions finished. Our staff remained highly engaged throughout the entire process.

Jane Stewart

Legal Aid, Western Australia


Sam’s combination of theory with practical activities really helped the learning to stick, as well as providing the opportunity to work on my project. The combination makes this time well spent when our diaries are all so busy. The visual tools, workbooks and templates are also invaluable and are now a permanent feature on my desk!

Natasha Morris

Senior Analyst, Public Health Dorset

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