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Outcome Evaluation Approach

Visual Insights People build strong outcome evaluation approaches with teams and organisations. We offer a pictures and stories approach to support you evidencing outcomes or “What difference are we making?” We do this step-by-step with packages that bolster your evaluation capability and capacity.

Introducing the Evaluation Disc

Disc diagram showing areas of evaluation.

Explaining the Evaluation Disc

Person explaining the evaluation disc.

The Visual Insights Evaluation Disc explains outcome evaluation.

Using pictures, the Disc shows how outcome evaluation works from "Planning” to “Communicating outcome evidence”.

We use the disc to support teams and organisations to use pictures and stories to explain their own outcome evaluation to: organisational leadership, staff, participants, partners and other stakeholders.

Evaluation Training Packages - What's included

Visual Insights People support outcome evaluation capacity building of organisations within each of the eight disc segments. Within each segment we offer packages that build both your capacity and sustain your capability. These are typically tailored to each organisation we work with.

Each package includes four components: Facilitator coaching, Team training, Online resources and a Visual Toolkit.

We can also offer staff evaluation capability monitoring and evaluation readiness assessment tools and coaching.

Mentorship symbol


We provide coaching and mentoring to key members of organisational leadership and teams. This includes coaching in delivering the online and face-to-face training courses we offer. We support you in assessing evaluation readiness and tailor tools for you to use and embed in your organisation.

Training symbol


We have online training courses that cover beginner to advanced skill level for each segment of the Evaluation Disc.

Each course is offered through flexible online delivery and includes: presentation videos, activities applied to your own projects, opportunities to partner and network, and live sessions with evaluation experts.

Facilitator Training SYMBOL.png


Understanding team and organisational readiness for outcomes evaluation at each stage of your journey will save you time, money and stress.

With you, we assess and monitor organisational readiness across systems, leadership and staffing. Our simple, visual traffic light system of readiness assessment will help you manage the change that an outcome evaluation approach requires.

Toolkit Symbol


A pictures and stories evaluation toolkit engage your team in evaluation. Toolkits can be  tailored to your organisation.

We provide you with simple visual symbols for you to use to communicate and embed your outcomes evaluation. These pictures form the basis of printed and online versions of posters, booklets and videos that communicate your evaluation to both external and external stakeholders.

Packages to get you and your team started

From September to December 2022 we are offering three exciting evaluation packages specifically designed for teams and organisations who are either beginning their outcomes evaluation journey or looking to incorporate digital methods in their outcome evaluation approach: 1. Evaluation basics, 2. Evaluation modelling-Introductory, 3. Evaluation modelling-Intermediate.

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