Visual Insights People facilitate full-day and multiple day workshops. These workshops allow us to engage with all levels of staff, encouraging them to embrace the evaluative changes your organisation makes. 



Visual Insights People facilitate a number of full-day and multiple day evaluation training packages.

These are offered through the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) and can also be customised to your organisation.

Current workshop topics with full-day workshop options listed below them are shown here.


Evaluation Essentials

Evaluation essentials

Program logic

Theory of change

Surveys for Evaluation

Essentials of outcomes surveys

Developing an outcomes survey

Building evidence based on survey

Stories for Evaluation

Evaluation story essentials

Qualitative interview for evaluation

Building evidence through interview and story

Mixed Method Evaluation

Essentials of qualitative and quantitative methods

Applying mixed methods to evaluation

Building evidence through mixed methods

Communicating Evaluation

Communicating evaluation essentials

Creating an evaluation report for impact and use

Communicating beyond the evaluation report

Digital Evaluation Methods

Essentials of digital evaluation methods

Digital evaluation stories

Building evidence through digital evaluation stories