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Our Work

The work of Visual Insights comprises of partnering with organisations to conduct and embed sound and practical evaluative practice. 

Our work


Through the Visual Insights approach and Samantha Abbato consulting, we have worked extensively with a diverse range of organisations in the health and community sector. Themes that define our work include:

  • Partnerships with a range of client groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities including refugees and asylum seekers, people living with cognitive impairment, children, youth and the elderly.

  • A utilisation-focused approach with our evaluation work directly applied to resources, intervention and organisational improvement.

  • A participatory-action model that includes commitment to client, processes and building relationships through workshops, coaching and mentoring

  • Evaluation methods that bring to the fore client voice and the richness of the context in which programs operate, such as case study, evaluation story and mixed methods

  • Regular publication of our work in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at conferences​

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