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Digital Evaluation Reporting

Technological advances beyond the evaluation box are a disruption to traditional evaluation collection and reporting approaches. They offer an innovative opportunity to increase the impact of your evaluation.

Digital Evaluation Reports

Increase the impact of evaluation  findings with a Digital Evaluation Report.

Use film to engage your stakeholders and communicate evaluation findings memorably and effectively.

Incorporate visuals, interview, story, graphic communication, animation and even virtual reality into an effective video package for sharing your evaluation findings.

Digital Evaluation Reporting can include:

  • Internal Progress Reports

  • Interim Reports, and

  • Final Reports

Digital reports can stand-alone, are a good accompaniment to traditional written reports and are ideal for embedding on websites and sharing on social media.

Digital Evaluation Stories

Use interview and evaluation story methods to demonstrate and evidence your findings, visually

Digital evaluation story is an emerging evaluation method developed by the Visual Insights team. Partner systematic and rigorous methods of qualitative data collection with digital story-telling techniques to effectively show and tell stories of program impact. 


Digital evaluation stories can be used as stand-alone products to support and bring-to-life evaluation findings (e.g. survey results, qualitative or mixed-methods studies).


Systematically sampled digital evaluation stories can be used as a qualitative method, alongside qualitative interview to build evaluation evidence for the difference programs or other initiatives make in the lives of participants and communities.

Online Interactive Displays

Online platforms provide engaging and interactive sharing opportunity for your evaluation findings.

At Visual Insights People, we use tailored online platforms to provide our clients with an innovative and engaging ways to share evaluation findings. These interactive visual displays can link evaluation stories and other evaluation findings to location through geographical mapping. Or we can bring your theory of change alive by linking evaluation stories and evidence to outcomes and progress towards your goals

These online platforms are custom-made to include videos, images, art, graphics, animation and key evidence or evaluation documents, in program or organisational branding. A built in presentation introduces your audience to the visual display, providing them a guide for interacting with the visual platform.

These displays not-only make your findings stick but enable regular updating so you can build your evaluation evidence and reporting over time.

Let's Discuss your Digital Report

Contact Visual Insights to discuss how we can work with you to produce a digital reports for your evaluation. 

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