Digital Reporting

Technological advances beyond the evaluation box are a disruption to traditional evaluation collection and reporting approaches. They offer an innovative opportunity to increase the impact of your evaluation.

Increase the impact of your evaluation with digital reporting

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Evaluation findings have the greatest impact when they are effectively communicated. Using Digital Methods to communicate your findings employs pictures and stories to communicate a memorable, impactful message. 

Visual Insights offers 3 Digital Method services to communicate and share your findings:

1. Evaluation Reporting

2. Evaluation Story

3. KUMU Map

Evaluation Reporting

Increase the impact of your findings with a Digital Evaluation Report

Use film to communicate your evaluation report memorably and effectively.

Incorporate visuals, interviews, diagrams, graphs, etc to share your evaluation findings.

Digital Evaluation Reporting can include:

  • Internal Progress Reports

  • Interim Reports, and

  • Final Reports

Example - Internal Progress Report

Film title, year

Evaluation Story

Use evaluation story to directly communicate the story.

Digital evaluation story is an emerging evaluation method developed by the Visual Insights team in Collaboration with CatholicCare NT. Partner systematic and sound method of digital data collection with story-telling techniques to share participant and stakeholder stories that illustrate main findings.

Example - Evaluation Story

Film title, year

Online Display

Online platforms provide interactive and effective sharing opportunity for your evaluation findings.

Online platforms, such as KUMU, provide a way to share evaluation findings with simplicity and innovation. Personalise the map with your organisations style and preferences.

A KUMU map can share videos, pictures, graphs, Evaluation documents (PNG'S and PDF's).

A systems thinking platform, a KUMU map can be designed to show systems and connections in your evaluation findings.

Example - KUMU Map

CatholicCare NT Staff Story Map (2019), by Visual Insights People

Let's Discuss your Digital Report

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