Use these templates to recreate the evaluation and storytelling activities that you may have been introduced to during Visual Insights Courses.


  • Storyboard

    Storyboards are the road map to your story. They are help with planning your story, communicating your story and will save time and money when making your story!

    Use this template to plan what happens in your story and how it unfolds.

  • Story for Insights

    Story is a powerful tool to communicate the difference that has been made. To use story effectively it is important to plan and structure the content of the story.


    Use this simple template to plan an effective story.

  • Interview Transcript

    Transcribing the interview gives the interviewer the opportunity to revisit the information and listen to the answers again without the concerns of the complex interviewing environment. 


    This template provides a brief list of question to consider about the interview, pointers for transcribing the interview and an area for the transcription.

  • Story Method

     Story method is a form of qualitative evaluation, usually based on interviews, group discussions and participant-observation. It can be a be brief narrative account of someone’s experience with a program, event or activity that is collected using sound research methods.


    This template will assist you in planning the use of story method for your evaluation.

  • Stakeholder listing

    Identifying and considering the needs of your evaluation users and stakeholders can maximise the evaluation use. this also assists in the planning of how you engage and communicate with evaluation users and stakeholders.

    Use the 'Evaluation User identification table' template at any time in your evaluation to strengthen and strategise your engagement with stakeholders.