Session 3

Content & Thematic Analysis & Qualitative Reporting - 2



Patton M Q (1987) Chapter 6. Analyzing and interpreting qualitative data, In ‘How to use qualitative methods in evaluation’, M.Q. Patton, Sage: Newbury Park, California.

Other suggested references for further reading:

Patton M Q (1990) Part III. Analysis, interpretation, and reporting. In ‘Qualitative evaluation and research methods, 2nd edition’, M Q Patton, Sage: Newbury Park, California.

Dey, I (1993) Qualitative data analysis: A user-friendly guide for social scientists, Routledge: London.


1. Draw a diagram of your qualitative analysis.

2. Use the Focusing message template to focus your qualitative report.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

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