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Join us and our experienced team to master evaluation and reporting skills and build the evaluation capacity of your team.

Build evaluation and reporting capacity with Visual Insights

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Evaluation has an important role to play in evidencing the difference programs, projects and other initiatives are making. A major block to starting on the pathway to evaluation is understanding the language and knowing the steps.

Visual Insights' bite-sized evaluation and reporting building blocks use a 'pictures and stories', low-jargon format to engage and motivate teams  in applying effective evaluation and reporting tools and concepts from the get-go.

Mix and match the training packages to suit your organisation.

pathway to evaluation

In this 90 second video learn about how the pathway to evaluation will not only build outcome evidence capability but will also strengthen your teams, programs and organisation

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What are the training packages about?

About the packages

Each training package:

  • Consists of 2-4 topic units, each equivalent to a 90-120 minute workshop session

  • Can be delivered face-to-face or online

  • Is designed to be directly applied to your team work as you do the training

  • Is delivered by a facilitator from your team (or you can borrow a VIP trainer).


Who are the packages for?

Our training packages are for you if you:

  • Want to improve the service you provide and the difference you make

  • Value the direct application of training to your work using your own  examples

  • Want to rapidly increase and apply evaluation or reporting knowledge and skills

  • Are ready to advance the work of your team and organisation.


What can you do with them?

These bite-sized packages can be combined in different ways to achieve:

  • Foundations of an evaluation framework

  • Creation of evaluation models (theories of change and program logics) for your programs, and entire organisation

  • Impactful evaluation reports

  • Creation of visual alternatives to the written evaluation report.

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What do you get in each team package?

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Toolkits include a selection of:

  • Colourful and reusable posters for transferring learnings to your own projects as your team participats in the training

  • Visually engaging evaluation flashcards that explain topic concepts

  • Pictorial reference foldouts such as the Evaluation Phrasebook

  • Checklists to monitor progress

You also get an online toolkit in Mural with all activities, instructional videos, and templates.

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A team website page with access for all team members that includes:

  • Topic content videos

  • Magazine-style two-page information sheet for each topic

  • Instructional videos for each activity

  • Question and discussion forum monitored daily by the VIP team

  • Complete resource following participant with copies of PowerPoint slides and information sheets

All resources link to the team toolkit and participants get to keep these and reuse them after the training.​

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Each team facilitator receives:

  • A facilitators' guide with stepped out timings, printable activities and background information for each topic.

  • Engaging graphic-designed PowerPoint slide packs for each session topic

  • Access to facilitator-only website page with easy access to all resources for each topic in the one spot, and a facilitators' discussion forum monitored daily by the VIP team.

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Training symbol.


From before the team course starts to after it finishes, you are provided regular support from our expert facilitators. This includes:

  • Two small group half-day facilitator only sessions for each four session package to guide you in facilitation with your team

  • Access to twice-weekly hourly coaching and Q&A sessions with VIP facilitators on Zoom

  • Access to online facilitator discussion board

  • Option for VIP tailored coaching for you and our team.

What team training packages are currently available?

Here are the 2022-2023 bite-sized Evaluation Made Easy (EME) and Reporting Made Easy (RME) training packages.

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coming in 2024- More reporting made easy (RME)

RME-4 Quantitative data visuals 1          RME-6 Visual reporting - The poster          RME-8 Film reporting 2

RME-5 Quantitative data visuals 2          RME-7 Film reporting 1      

Building evaluation capacity by mixing and matching 

The packages can be combined to build the evaluation capacity of your team and to create evaluation products.

This matrix shows some of the ways this can be done.

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Are you ready for it?

Our team training packages are ideal for you and your team if you:

  • Want to improve the service you provide and the difference you make

  • Want to rapidly increase your evaluation knowledge and skills by being supported in facilitating a package
  • And your team is ready to come together to further the initiative and evaluation.

Why facilitate your team? 

After attending a presentation, you retain approximately 5%. After you teach something, you retain close to 95%.

These packages are much more than training, they build the evaluation capacity and program delivery strength of your team and organisation. This model of directly applying training to your work as you learn works!

Don't have a team facilitator?

If you don't have a facilitator right now? No problem - borrow one of our VIP facilitators to train your team.

What is the cost?

Take advantage of our introductory package price in 2022.

A standard 4- topic session package (6 weeks, BYO facilitator with a team of 6) is $2900 (excl. GST)


This is roughly equivalent to the cost of one person attending an interstate conference.

For a team of six, this equates to less than $500 per person per course.

And it includes evaluation tools and facilitator resources that you and your team and continue to use.

Contact us to enrol your team to take steps to build evaluation capability and organisational strength.

Discounts are available when you sign up for more than one package.

And we can customise our packages to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Contact us to find out how.

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Thank you for another excellent (and fun) course! The skills you cover, and your ability to relate theory to real life experience, helped me to apply my learning from day 1.


Programme Manager, Public Health Dorset


Sam’s combination of theory with practical activities really helped the learning to stick, as well as providing the opportunity to work on my project. The combination makes this time well spent when our diaries are all so busy. The visual tools, workbooks and templates are also invaluable and are now a permanent feature on my desk!


Senior Analyst, Public Health Dorset

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