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Dr Samantha Abbato

Samantha Abbato


Evaluation use through effective communication 

Sam has worked as an evaluation consultant for more than twelve years. She has more than twenty-five years of health and community sector experience and strong methodological expertise across a range of qualitative and quantitative disciplines, including public health, epidemiology, medical anthropology, biostatistics and mathematics. Her PhD (UC Berkeley 1997) included understanding the social and cultural context of the lived experience of diabetes in an urban Aboriginal community and its application to successful public health intervention.

Sam has completed a number of evaluation and research projects with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. She is passionate about effective communication for maximum use of evaluation and engages a utilisation-focused approach, mixed (qualitative and quantitative) methods, and evaluation case studies and evaluation stories for making a difference in the health and community sectors.

BSc(Hons) ,MPH, PhD (UC Berkeley)

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