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Chris Skelly


Enabling story sharing through systems thinking 

Chris is a strategic thinker with more than twenty years of international experience across government, academic and private sectors. His broad scientific knowledge combined with expertise in organisational intelligence, learning and systems thinking allows him to provide targeted strategic level support to projects, programs and organisations.


He is a skilled workshop facilitator and communicator who creates meaningful participation opportunities using systems thinking and Foresight ‘futuring’ methods. An adept reviewer of processes and systems, he integrates ideas to develop visually illuminating models and frameworks that reflect shared understanding. Sound interpersonal skills facilitate the development of collaboration and participation that are needed to enable group reflection and initiate required change within organisational groupings.


Chris is an enthusiastic proponent of organisational capacity building. Chris has been using advanced visualisation and collaborative learning technology to help groups and organisations build shared understandings of their complex and ‘wicked’ problems.

BA(Resources Conservation) ,MSc, PhD, DPH

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