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Outcome evaluation made easy

From procrastination to performance



learn about the evaluation process from go to whoa

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establish  evaluation basics for your own program



put into place the first steps of your evaluation



20 - 30 minute presentations

and 2-3 page information sheets with real-life current examples released weekly.

experienced facilitatorS

Facilitated by Samantha Abbato.

 (Course includes 3 live-video Q&A sessions).


Weekly activities guided by easy-to-use templates, group discussions for directly applying the learnings to your own projects.

Comprehensive training guide

Complete downloadable resource with information, activity sheets and fillable templates that you can continue to use in your work.

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Outcome evaluation made easy

Next course starting 20th October 2021

6 weeks (+2)

Most of us know that evaluation and providing evidence for the difference we make is essential. It is knowing what the journey looks like and where to start that can be paralysing.

If you are about to embark on a program or project evaluation but feel at a standstill, this short course is for you.


We provide an overview of the evaluation journey, minus the technical jargon, so you can see where you are going. Then we guide you along a pathway of simple steps, so you can make a start at getting there.

*You will have access to the course content and software for 8 weeks, so if you miss a week you will have the opportunity to catch up.


the language and concepts of evaluation


We invite you on the journey of outcomes evaluation using pictures, stories and real-life examples. In this first part of the course, we de-mystify evaluation concepts and terminology and provide some basic tools.



 Understand where evaluation fits strategically for your program and team. Participate in activities to (1) find your why using story (2) separate what you do from the difference you make, and (3) articulate purpose.

introduction to successful stakeholder communication


We provide you with a basic overview and tools for effectively communicating with internal and external program and evaluation stakeholders and identifying use - the major ingredients of outcome evaluation success.

introduction to program tools- 1. theory of change


Understand the difference between a theory of change (TOC) and a program logic (PL). Learn how develop a TOC to frame an outcomes evaluation and strengthen team learning and planning.

program tools - 2. program logic


Develop a pipeline PL to inform process evaluation and activity monitoring, starting with your TOC. Identify contextual and external factors that may impact your program. Articulate principles for guiding your program and evaluation through complexity.

Evaluation questions, readiness and next steps


Learn strategies to identify evaluation questions. Map questions to program models and prioritise for stakeholders and use. Explore the next steps of evaluation planning and be equipped with a rapid evaluation readiness assessment tool.

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