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Program Evaluation Tools

TOC and PL packages

A map to guide activity and a framework for evaluation

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Program evaluation tools including theory of change (TOC) and program logic (PL) are arguably the most powerful tools in the evaluation toolbox. They guide not only your evaluation but are key communication, planning and learning tools.

Visual Insights offer 4 step-wise packages for building these critical program evaluation tools:

  1. Theory of change – Build your model

  2. Program logic – Introduction to pipeline PL

  3. Theory of change- Advance your model

  4. Theory of change – A systems thinking approach


In this 3 min video learn about TOC and what you need to build a TOC model for your program

Package 1: Theory of change - Build your model

Next package commencing - March 22nd, 2021.


In this package we guide you in facilitating the development of a basic theory of change (TOC) model with your team. Participate in video coaching in a small group to assist you in facilitating your team online or face-to-face using a 6-session training package. The training package includes facilitator and participant resources with set activities and milestones. Take away a TOC poster, a TOC readiness tool and training resources to use again.

What do you get in the package?

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We provide tools and support for you to:

  • Assess and monitor the readiness of your team to build a TOC

  • Facilitate the 6-week online TOC:Build your model course with your team.

This includes:

  •  A facilitators' guide

  •  Zoom sessions with expert TOC facilitator

  • Continued online support and guidance as you guide your team in building the model.

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The 6 week online-training course includes videos, online activity templates, information sheets, live facilitator led Zoom sessions and a workshop resource manual.

Topics include:

  1. Practical Introduction to TOC

  2. ​Mental Models and Stakeholders

  3. Research Literature 1 – Archetypes

  4. ​Software and Design – for TOC

  5. Building Complexity – Systems thinking basics

  6. Research Literature 2 – Creating an evidence base.

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Our simple "traffic light" readiness tool can be used to assess the optimal timing for TOC development, communication and use.

In addition, this tool will help prepare you for the next steps in advancing your TOC.

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Your Theory of Change will be designed to ensure maximum communication for your internal and external stakeholders.

Our graphic communicator will tailor the design with your organisation and stakeholders in mind to effectively communicate your TOC as a program map and framework.

Are you ready for it?


This introductory "TOC-Build your Model" package is ideal for your team if:

  • You have identified a program, project or other initiative for outcome evaluation

  • You or someone else in the team has facilitation and online skills

  • The program or project team is ready to come together to further the initiative and evaluation.


Theory of Change - Build your Model evaluation package will be starting March 22nd, 2021.


The package will be for 8 - 10 weeks.


$2,500 per facilitator/team (introductory price).


Contact us to enrol your organisation to build your Theory of Change.