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Evaluation Made Easy

Evaluation Basics packages

An introduction to outcomes evaluation, minus the jargon

Evaluation has an important role to play in evidencing the difference programs, projects and other initiatives are making. A major block to starting on the pathway to evaluation is understanding the language and knowing the steps.

Visual Insights offer 3 packages to guide you on the pathway to outcome evaluation for evidence, learning and planning:

  1. Outcome evaluation made easy

  2. Communication for impact

  3. Online stakeholder facilitation

pathway to evaluation

In this 90 second video learn about how the pathway to evaluation will not only build outcome evidence capability but will also strengthen your teams, programs and organisation

Package 1: Outcome evaluation made easy

Next package commencing - October, 2021.

In this package we cover all of the basics of outcome evaluation. This includes identifying evaluation purpose, use and users, understanding the role of evaluation models such as TOC and PL, articulating evaluation questions and exploring methods. We remove the confusion of evaluation jargon and use a suite of visual tools to guide your journey. Participate in video coaching in a small group to assist you in facilitating your team online or face-to-face using a 6-session training package. The training package includes facilitator and participant resources with set activities and milestones. Take away foundational evaluation tools including an evaluation phrasebook and tailored poster for explaining evaluation to internal and external stakeholders.

What do you get in the package?


We provide tools and support for you to:

  • Facilitate the 6-week online Outcome Evaluation Made Easy course with your team.

This includes:

  •  A facilitators' guide

  •  Zoom sessions with expert TOC facilitator

  • Continued online support and guidance as you guide your team in understanding the basic concepts and language of evaluation.

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The 6 week online-training course includes videos, online activity templates, information sheets, live facilitator led Zoom sessions and a workshop resource manual:

Topics include:

  1. Language and concepts of evaluation

  2. ​Linking evaluation to strategy

  3. Introduction to successful stakeholder communication

  4. ​Introduction to program tools

  5. Identifying evaluation questions

  6. Overview of evaluation methods and evidence.

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Our simple "traffic light" readiness tool can be used to assess the evaluation readiness of you, your team and your organisation.

This tool looks at the readiness of leadership, staff and systems for outcome evaluation.

The tool has application beyond this package to enable you to continue to monitor change in areas critical to building and sustaining evaluation capacity.

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You will receive an evaluation basics toolkit for use within your team and for communicating effectively with external stakeholders.

Tools include:

  • An evaluation phrasebook clearly explaining evaluation terms and concepts so that your team and stakeholders can speak the "same" evaluation language

  • A graphic designed visual poster tailored to your organisation to explain evaluation to both internal and external stakeholders

  • A range of tailored templates and symbols for continued use.

Are you ready for it?

This "Outcome Evaluation Made Easy" package is ideal for your team if:

  • You have identified the need for evidence of the "difference you make"

  • You want to improve the service you provide to participants using an evidence-base

  • You or someone else in the team has facilitation and online skills

  • The program or project team is ready to come together to further the initiative and evaluation.

Outcome Evaluation Made Easy will be starting in October, 2021.


Contact us to enrol your team to take steps to build evaluation capability and organisational strength.