Damian Caniglia


Building stories through video

Damian Caniglia is a graduate of Griffith University and The Queensland College of Art majoring in photojournalism. His work is spread across media content production specialising within the Mental and Community Health Sector focused heavily on story telling projects involving aged care and health, Indigenous health, mental health, small community recovery from natural disaster, organisational focus and structure, project summary, sector development and suicide prevention. He has had images and documentary projects awarded at a State and National level.  


Damian’s overseas work has seen him work on all 7 continents including both the Antarctic and Arctic regions, as well as Papua New Guinea, Alaska, Siberia, Nepal, India and Southern Africa. With a growing list of publications that have used images and footage including Australian Geographic, Lonely Planet, Rock Climbing Magazine, Inside Sport and The Australian Gourmet Traveller, he is focused on returning with images and footage that speak of the people and places he visits as well as projects he is commissioned to document.  


Damian is a qualified trainer and is committed to helping others develop their own skill and knowledge in the story telling process through visual content production.