Our Approach


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Evidencing outcomes to improve your service delivery


Organisations are increasingly acknowledging the need to evidence their outcomes - the difference they make to the lives of the people they serve. Strategies imposed on organisations for measuring and monitoring outcomes often fail. Visual Insights People understand that building a workplace culture that supports outcomes measurement is key and can provide organisational benefits that far exceed the provision of an evidence base.

Pictures and stories for building staff evaluation capability


Using a pictures and stories approach our team of evaluation and communication professionals work with our clients in a participatory action-focused way to build skills, identify meaningful outcomes and establish a clear pathway to outcome measurement and data use. Whist retaining our independence and rigour, we also become part of your team:

  • understanding what you do and the difference you make

  • helping you evidence the difference you make and guiding you in using this evidence to reflect on how to do it better

  • through team and individual coaching.

A customised three-step approach to a strong outcomes evaluation culture


We support organisations in outcomes evaluation using a three step approach:

  • Diagnosing and progressing for building an outcomes evaluation culture in partnership with management teams;

  • A tailored and engaging approach for through: understanding your organisation, translating evaluation jargon using visual communication tools and linking evaluation concepts to client stories and reflective practice.

  • Supporting a through continued customised capacity building of managers and staff champions and reliable provision of technical evaluation support.