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Increase the impact of your evaluation with digital reporting

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Evaluation findings have the greatest impact when they are effectively communicated. Using Digital Methods to communicate your findings using pictures and stories to communicate a memorable, impactful message. 

Visual Insights offer 3 Digital Methods to communicate and share your findings:

1. Evaluation Reporting

2. Evaluation Story

3. KUMU Map

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WHY USE Digital to report


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There are two ways you can use Digital to communicate your reports:​

Online platforms provide interactive and effective sharing opportunity for your evaluation findings.

See below for Digital Reporting and Sharing examples.

Evaluation Reporting



Film title, year


Film title, year

Film title, year

Evaluation Story

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Film title, year

Film title, year

Online Display

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CatholicCare NT Staff Story Map (2019), by Visual Insights People

Let's Discuss your Digital Report

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